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Frank Folsche

Your IT link professional in China and the Netherlands

What do I do where did I start

Born in a small town in the Netherlands after graduating with a BA in software development I moved to Hangzhou China, worked for many foreign and local businesses in Hangzhou through Worthingtonbrown China. After I moved back to the Netherlands I've started working at Luminis. But I'm still like to put the right people to gether for various IT project both in the Netherlands and in China.

My Key Points

Lived in Hanghzou

Moved to Hangzhou in 2012, worked for 2 years at a British design company, although now living in the Netherlands I still keep in close though with China


Lately I'm exploring the world of opensource more and more, I promote the sharing of software and I hope to participate more the coming years. Checkout my Github account


Do you have any questions, just send me a email or add me on skype, i'm always available to brainstorm about new idea's or projects


With the wide variety of devices that are avialable all have different screen sizes from mobile phones to desktop devices.

Anything is possible

Contact me Today

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